With a true passion for life, Phil Savage explores the countless possibilities of photography. His 'Black & White Infrared' images with hand-tinted touches create a surreal and otherworldly quality from ordinary moments. Award-winning photographer Phil Savage produces conversation-starting artwork.

Meet Phil Savage:

World Traveler, Acclaimed Photographer, and Gymnastics Virtuoso.

Phil Savage isn't just a photographer; he's a visionary who transforms the mundane into the surreal with his signature Black & White Infrared images, hand-tinted for an ethereal effect. His artistry has not only won awards but also sparked conversations worldwide.

Born into a life of globetrotting—from Mexico City to European adventures—Phil's rich cultural experiences are as diverse as his talents. Thanks to a gymnastics scholarship, he earned his BA in Fine Art Photography and French, splitting his education between Southern Illinois University and the University of Grenoble, France.

Encouraged by his mentor, Dave Black, and inspired by his artist mother and photographer father, Phil has dedicated over four decades to perfecting his craft. His journey led him to East Tennessee, where he made history as the only Junior National Team gymnastics coach in the state's history.

Phil's excellence extends beyond the lens; he's a 6-time gymnastics Hall of Famer, celebrated for his unparalleled contributions to gymnastics. Tn women’s gymnastics, Tn men’s gymnastics, Region 8 gymnastics, greater Knoxville sports hall of fame, Peachtree gymnastics hall of fame, Frank Cumisky (highest award given to USA Gymnastics Jr National men’s coach).

Join Phil on a visual odyssey that celebrates both the athletic and the aesthetic, all captured through the eye of a true maestro."

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